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 2017 Employment Opportunities 

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River Point Resort & Outfitting Co. in Ely, Minnesota

River Point is located on a private wilderness peninsula with over a mile of shoreline bordered by Birch Lake and the South Kawishiwi River with direct water access to the BWCA-- a 10 minute drive from downtown Ely, Minnesota, and an hours drive from the North Shore of Lake Superior/Two Harbors, MN. Our wilderness setting is rewarding for those seeking to work in the great outdoors.

At River Point we are proud of the high quality of service provided to our guests, and a professional and customer-friendly atmosphere is very evident at our facility. Prospective employees must be customer-focused, friendly, helpful, and positive. Supporting and working with co-workers in a "team approach" is important and vital to the guest's overall enjoyment of their "North Woods" vacation.  

The two qualities we most look for in a potential employee are a positive, cheerful attitude and the ability to be flexible no matter what the task may be, and within the sometimes irregular hours.

The 2017 "open" season runs from mid-May through October 1. Staff is also needed to assist with the "opening-up" and the "shut-down" of the facility in early May and through the first part of October. It is important that you know your available start date and ending date of employment when you submit an Application for Employment.

Employment Positions 


2017 seasonal full-time positions for River Point Outfitting Co. (canoe trip headquarters), and for the River Point Resort facility:

Canoe Outfitting Staff & Resort Facilities Maintenance Staff: Varied shifts.

  • Canoe Outfitting Staff: Greeting guests. Providing Trip Orientation and Routing Sessions with guests prior to their canoe trips Due to high guest interaction, an outgoing personality is a huge plus in this task, and knowledge of canoeing/camping/fishing techniques is essential. Training will occur for employees to gain knowledge of the various canoeing routes.  Handbook covering many aspects of skills needed is available for staff reference. Other responsibilities include packing and unpacking gear for trips, packing fresh and freeze-dried food into food packs according to customer menu choices; keeping inventory of perishables and consumables; provide ordering of perishables and consumables to management; maintenance of equipment and canoes, canoe repair, washing of packs, life jackets, sleeping bags and other gear, and daily tiding and general cleaning of the outfitting base and guest bathrooms. Other tasks include loading/unloading canoes on and off vans, loading/unloading gear and packs and driving River Point's vans to and from the various entry/exit points in the wilderness. Assisting guests with unloading and loading of equipment at the landings.  Must have a valid DL with good driving record and be able to pass a 75 lbs lift test.       

  • Resort Maintenance Staff:  Varied shifts. Responsible for daily upkeep and general cleanliness of marina and two fish-houses. Perform bait/tackle/fuel sales. Maintain an accurate, neat guest sales charge book, cleaning and servicing boats and motors, locators, trolling motors, and helping guests with fishing information. Additional duties include daily trash pick-up, fish cans drop-off, wood chopping, wood/kindling delivery to units, minor repairs of waterfront and maintenance equipment, performing minor repairs in and around lodging accommodations, mowing and raking of lawn, watering garden plants, sweeping walk-ways and dock area, brush and limb removal, and other duties, as needed. Previous boat handling experience and basic outboard maintenance knowledge desired. Basic construction knowledge very desirable. Must have a valid DL with good driving record and be able to pass a 75 lbs lift test. Persons employed for the Canoe Outfitting Staff & Resort Maintenance Staff will perform duties and responsibilities in both areas.

Housekeeping & Laundry Staff/Wildwood Lodge Staff: Varied shifts as part of a team of housekeepers, laundry and lodge staff. Some employees may perform housekeeping, laundry, and lodge duties; some may perform only housekeeping and laundry duties. 

  • Housekeeping & Laundry Staff:  Responsibilities include cleaning of rental accommodations, main lodge, offices, bunkhouses. Must be dependable, punctual, and timely in performing housekeeping tasks. Must have great attention to detail, follow the guidelines and checklists for proper cleaning and sanitizing, and take direction and instruction seriously. A good conscientious work ethic with pride in cleanliness is essential. Must also be self-directed and work well on own, as some cleaning will occur by an individual staff person. Responsible for replenishing cleaning supplies at the end of the housekeeping shift, and responsible for cleaning of the equipment (vacuums, etc.) used in housekeeping. Laundry duties includes managing the washing and drying of linens, toweling, carpets, etc. Folding of the linens and preparation for housekeepers are also tasks involved in this position.  Following specific directions for sanitizing laundry and proper care of linens is vital. Small mending tasks may also arise, but not often. Previous housekeeping/laundry experience is a plus, but certainly not a requirement. Instruction and guidance will be offered. Must have a valid DL with good driving record.

  • Wildwood Lodge Staff:  Varied shifts. Lodge is typically open from 9:30 am-5:00 pm or 9:30 am-8:00 pm daily, dependent upon demand. Must handle cash register in the gift shop, make correct transactions when selling merchandise, including food and beverage items. (Must be 18 years old to perform beer sales in the lodge.) Required to manage effectively the guest charge book using clear, and neat penmanship and keep store displays stocked, clean and orderly. Maintain a clean lodge and public bathroom facilities; assist guests with general questions, directions, sign-ups for programs, etc.; follow the "opening" and "closing" procedures for the lodge. Must be cheerful and energetic when assisting guests and customers. Must be self-directive and look for tasks to complete in the supervision of the Lodge.  Completely outfitted canoeing guests are provided with a continental type breakfast the morning of the first day of their canoe trip. Lodge staff will be required to prepare and serve the breakfast. Training will occur for this task and others tasks.

Office Staff:

  • Office Staff: Varied shifts. Assisting in routine and specialized office tasks. Pleasant phone skills, and basic computer skills are necessary. Instruction will be offered. Must be professional, trustworthy, and detail orientated. Other responsibilities include greeting guests, check-in and check-out procedures, providing tours of the facility, operating copy machines, creating signage, bulletins, memos, performing mailings of brochures, etc.
  • Office/Social Media & Website Staff: Varied shifts. Being familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Wordpress, etc. is great. If not all, then some of the SM. Must be proficient in Windows Operating Systems, Word and Outlook. If knowledgeable in Website Creation and SEO (optimization) of website pages, please share this. Must be able to do a variety of tasks assoication with marketing and advertising. Instruction and guidance will be offered.


  • Gardening/Groundskeeping Staff:  Varied shifts; full time if combined with other positions.  Responsible for planting, fertilizing, watering, bush/hedge trimming, weed abatement, and mowing lawn. Knowledge of tree removal is helpful. Must have a valid DL with good driving record and must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

NOTE:  You may be hired for a specific position, but often, there is overlapping between the duties that each Team Member at River Point performs. For example, it is not that unusual for a Canoe Outfitting/Resort Maintenance Staff person to perform housekeeping duties, particularly on Saturdays which is the typical resort industry "turn-over" day, as well as the duties described in the category for canoe outfitting/resort maintenance.  That is the nature of resorting and canoe outfitting. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The use of drugs and any underage use of liquor is not tolerated.  Drivers of vehicles must be willing to submit to random drug testing.

Between our resort and outfitting businesses, River Point employs from 10-12 team members who come from all over the US to serve several thousand customers during the season. The majority of staff are seasonal full-time team members; limited few are part-time. 

We all work together, and a positive attitude and flexibility, are important aspects of what we require in an employee. You will receive cross training for most positions at the River Point operation, and will be expected to help out where and when it is needed. You must be willing if the need arises to perform any/all of the tasks in other positions, dependent upon your ability, in addition to the primary position you were hired for. This will provide you with variety in your daily routine regarding the tasks you will perform. We look for versatility in our employees and build upon the strengths of each person, and all pitch in to get the necessary tasks done.

Application Process:

  1. Interested applicants must send the following materials to River Point via e-mail or snail mail to: PO Box 397, Ely, MN  55731

    • your resume (need not be formal)

    • brief letter of introduction of at least three paragraphs of information(including US mailing address)

    Only after submitting the above materials should you 
    fill out an application for employment

  2. Applications are processed as they are received. A subsequent personal interview will be scheduled upon receipt of the Application for Employment. Effort to make arrangements for a personal interview at our site is extremely important. Phone interviews are not as effective for either the applicant or the employer, but will be acceptable, if an "in-person" interview is not feasible.

  3. If you are in Ely, please call to set up an appointment to receive an Application for Employment and for a personal interview.

  4. If a position is offered, the applicant will be notified by phone or letter.  We request that the applicant indicate to River Point that they WILL or WILL NOT accept the employment offer within three days of their receipt of the offer.

Employee must secure his/her own housing. However, River Point will help and make suggestions.

It is advisable that River Point employees have their own vehicle, as Ely is 8.5 miles, or approximately 10 minutes away (black-top highway). Grocery stores, banks, etc. are in Ely. At times, some employees may not have a private vehicle and must secure transportation from other employees.

The first few days of your new job will include an in-depth orientation to many facets of what you will be doing. After the initial orientation process, you will shadow another employee as part of this on-the-job training for some time. Learning new aspects of your job will occur very quickly, as it is our goal to acclimate you to your surroundings and responsibilities as rapidly as possible.

Uniforms/Dress Code
Each employee is expected to purchase and wear a River Point Resort & Outfitting Co. staff shirt and hat. Additional shirts, and hat, may be purchased at a discounted price from a huge selection at River Point's Wolf Den Gift Shop. The River Point shirt must be clean, neat, and worn when on-duty. Jeans, shorts, pants, slacks in the colors of dark green, tan, brown, navy, shades of blue, white, beige, black are preferred. Employees may be expected to wear staff pants/shorts. Only a River Point hat may be worn when on duty. 

Clothing must be clean, neat, without tears, holes, ragged edges, etc. River Point is a service business. Thus, it is expected that employees are showered, well-groomed, clean, clean-shaved, and dressed neatly and with clean clothes. Dirty, severely wrinkled clothing is not acceptable.No exceptions allowed.

Hair must be clean, neatly styled, and cut at regular intervals to maintain a service-orientated look. No exceptions allowed.

Laundromats are available at River Point for a fee, as well as in Ely.


  • Working and playing in the wonderful beauty of the great outdoors of northern Minnesota with direct paddle access to the BWCA. Fabulous clean air, granite cliffs, hiking the River Point "Trail of Reflections", fishing, swimming, and just plain having a great time!
  • FREE use of waterfront equipment (canoes, kayaks, 16' boats, 9.9 and 15 hp motors)
  • Benefit of working in a close-knit team atmosphere with other employees who have similar interests.
  • Employee discount on clothing and gift items from the Wolf Den Gift Shop. Great shopping for Mother's and Father's Day and birthday gifts, and just "for fun."
  • Benefit of networking with hundreds of guests for future employment contacts and other endeavors.

If you would like to spend your spring, summer, and early fall in the awesome beauty of the North Woods of Minnesota, then employment at River Point may be for you!

Thank you for your interest in joining the River Point team!

River Point Resort & Outfitting Co.
Jane & Steve Koschak
PO Box 397 Ely, MN  55731

Phone: (218) 365-6604 or (218) 365-6625
Fax: (218) 365-6139

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River Point Resort website:

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