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"A Naturally Superior Destination"


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River Point Resort is proud to have been included in the following publications:

As seen in Midwest Living Magazine. . .


"Who's on your list? Adventurers, romantics, sports lovers? No matter what personality types you're shopping for, experiences make the best presents of all. We've tracked down great getaways tied up in neat packages in all price ranges. They're great for giving throughout the year."


"Into the wilderness
AS I DIPPED MY PADDLE into Lake One and our canoe lifted free of the sand, the unnerving realization sank in that I was headed into the unforgiving ruggedness of Minnesota's Boundary Waters, and my partner, my 12-year-old daughter, already had stopped paddling to look for fish. My sister and her son were paddling like contestants on The Amazing Race. My wife and my other daughter had stopped to fix their hats. Nature, I hoped, would be kind to us.

Fortunately, we had help. Ely-based River Point Resort outfitters designed this "Taste of the North Wood" two-day, one-night trip to ensure novices like us have a good first experience here. The staff gave us canoe lessions, packed our gear and food and drove us to the launch point. They salved our fears about bears and getting lost, although they did suggest we stick to Lake One, avoiding portages and the more remote tangle of lakes.

The advice was good. Even though we had a map and compass, the shorelines massed with pine trees and boulders created a disorienting flow of islands, points and inlets. Finding a campsite (marked only by a metal grate) was not easy. Eventually, we found one about three miles from where we put in (five miles, adding wrong turns and circles). We gathered wood, started a fire, pitched tents on hard ground and boiled lake water to cook chicken, mashed potatoes and even lemon pie (which was delicous). Our muscles ached, we were dirty, there was only lake water to drink, and there was nowhere soft to sit, yet a singular contentment settled over the camp. This wilderness was our wilderness, it seemed, reachable only through self-reliance (and a good outfitter). The following morning, we sat on sun-baked rocks at the edge of the gently lapping lake, watching the stillness and listening to the sound of peace.

There was no rush to leave. We felt as if we had discovered a new world. We had, in fact, discovered two: the wilderness around us, and one within."

Written by Greg Philby

"Trip guide"
INTO THE WILDERNESS The National Forest Service requires permits to enter the Boundary Waters; limit nine people per permit. River Point Resort & Outfitting Company will customize your travel package, depending on your skill level and your choice of options, such as menu items, sizes and types of canoes and tents, sleeping bags, etc. You may even have a guide accompany you on the trip, if desired. Basic "Taste of the North Woods" one-night package for six (as described in story) is about $595 with an extended stay at the resort."

Refer to the "Taste of the North Woods" package for more information about enhancing your River Point Resort lodging stay with an overnight BWCA canoe trip.

Refer to River Point Outfitting Co. for all other canoe trip packages and information.


View the magazine article here!

Experience Life Magazine      "Away-From-It-All Wilderness"


EXPERIENCE LIFE magazine cover featuring River Point Resort "If peace and quiet have been in short supply, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness may be the getaway your body and soul crave. . ."

"There's a real need in our crazy, busy world to find harmony in nature."

"IDLE HANDS--Hours spent in contemplation or daydreaming-the kind of experience that a sojourn in the wilderness offers in spades-often bring about a renewed sense of self and a resetting of the body's natural rhythms. Waking becomes tuned to the rising of the sun, the day winds down in concert with the sunset.

It's that leisurely sense of time that leads Steve Pfister back to the Boundary Waters wilderness time and again. For more than 10 consecutive summers, the Chicago businessman has taken his wife, Kim and their six children north to a resort [River Point Resort] in the Boundary Waters, leaving behind the hectic pace of city life.

"Where we live, in metropolitan Chicago, I'm continuously in traffice, Pfister says. "Everything goes so fast, and there's so much pressure on kids to participate in extracurricular activities. What I look for are ways to slow life down a little. In the Boundary Waters, you can paddle for miles without seeing another human being. "

Cut off from the phone. . .Pfister's family is inspired to be creative. There's no television or soccer practice, so the kids devise their own entertainment: fishing, hiking, spotting wildlife and other low-tech diversions. The family spends an afternoon paddling canoes or swimming at a nearby falls. At night, the children gather wood for a bonfire on the shore. As the embers die and the moon and stars emerge, the family converses, marveling at the peaceful beauty that surrounds them.

"It sends a chill down your spine," Pfister says. "You hear loons, or animals moving about in the woods. On a recent visit, a rare Canadian lynx walked right past our cabin along the beach."

Steve believes that rustic destinations like the Boundary Waters [and River Point Resort] offer visitors a sense of peace that they can no longer find in their own backyards."

The primary reason people come here [River Point Resort] is to renew, rejuvenate and reconnect. Here, they can find a space for equilibrium, where they are empowered to connect with their inner selves and be contemplative. There's time to think, to talk-time just to be. People often develop an emotional connection to this area.

Instead of television and telephones, the Koschaks offer theirguests a variety of board games, cars, books, and journals-as well as comfortable chairs and screened porches for relaxing. Naturalists are available for guided hikes, and evening talks are offered on topics like the habits of timber wolves and the finer points of fishing. The Koschaks, who operate River Point Outfitters in conjunction with the resort, also help with self-guided trips, providing supplies, offering tips on routes and tricky portages, and handling permits and licenses."

      "Immersed in the emptiness of the great outdoors, a person can find the sort of solitude that helps restore connections-to oneself, others and the natural world [at River Point Resort]."

"Away-From-It-All Wilderness"



Dennis Breamer (left), representing the Minnesota Association of Innkeepers, presents River Point Resort owners Jane (center) and Steve Koschak with an award for best resort.

River Point Resort was honored to be awarded the Minnesota Association of Innkeepers' "Resort Property of the Year Award" for 2003, in the award category of 1 to 35 rooms.

The Ely Timberjay
Koschaks' River Point Named Best Small Resort

"There have been three generations of Koschaks running River Point Resort outside Ely on the South Kawishiwi River. And it may be that flow of generations and attention to detail from a family-owned business that has led the resort to its latest award.

"The facility has 10 cabins, three villas, four chalets and bunkhouse facilities, and serves both resort customers and those entering the BWCAW wilderness. Koschak attributes the family's success to a great location, with several BWCAW entry points nearby, hard work and attention to service.

"We've been doing this for a lifetime," Steve Koschak said. Today, Steve and Jane's sons, Kevin and James, help run the business as well. "We're excited about the award," Koschak said. "It's an award from your peers."

"Tim McKim, president of the MAI board, said River Point's selection was nearly unanimous among board members. He said the board looks at cleanliness of the facility and its operation in making its decision, but also give a lot of weight to the owners' involvement in the tourism industry. The Koschaks have worked hard to promote tourism, he said."



River Point Resort: Selected by Midwest Living Magazine in 2002 as one of the Top 40 Resorts in the Midwest, and as one of the Top 4 Resorts in Minnesota:

"Super getaways right here in the Heartland... We've traveled across the Heartland to find the best vacation spots... Southeast of Ely, the new pine lodge and remodeled log cabins at this secluded retreat [River Point Resort] edge vast Birch lake and the South Kawishiwi River, which extends into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. That means you can zip across the lake in a powerboat or retreat to calm, protected waters closed to motor craft. Only a few cabins and no resorts interrupt the woods that line the lake's shores.

"Owners Jane and Steve Koschak, former teachers, combine their love of learning and the outdoors. Activities range from canoeing to photography classes and a naturalist program. Other facilities/activities: boat and motor rentals, fishing seminars, guided kayak adventures and wilderness trips."


River Point Resort: Superior Resort Vacations
A Cabin On The Edge (by Robert Beymer)

"If you love the Boundary Waters, but camping doesn't have the same appeal, you're in luck. You don't have to sleep in a tent and bathe with cold water to enjoy the BWCA Wilderness. [River Point Resort] is located 8 ½ miles southeast of Ely via Highway 1 on a beautiful lakeside setting close to the Boundary Waters. You can explore the wilderness lakes and streams by day and return to a hot shower or soothing sauna before retiring for the night on a soft bed.

"Owned and operated by Steve and Jane Koschak, it is the only resort and canoe outfitting base at the north end of 20-mile-long Birch Lake. Thirteen housekeeping vacation homes and villas are spaced privately along the 4, 200 feet of scenic shoreline.

"The experienced staff at River Point Outfitting Co. can provide you with everything you'll need for a trip into the wilderness. Two good day trips start with a shuttle to nearby entry points, and River Point will transport you there. At the Filson Creek parking lot, 7 ½ miles from the resort, enter the Boundary Waters on a 140-rod portage to the South Kawishiwi River. The seven-mile journey back to the resort is all downstream. But, don't rush back; this is a lovely stretch of the river. Take time to explore the rocky, pine-covered shoreline from the portage to the first small rapids two miles upstream. You'll see several fine campsites on rock outcroppings that could host your shore lunch. There are four short portages along the trip back to River Point. None is difficult and the longest measures only 62 rods...

"The other day trip starts at the Little Gabbro Lake entry point, 1.7 miles farther up the Spruce Road from Filson Creek..."

Lake Superior Travel Guide


"River Point Resort and Outfitting Company...[a] popular vacation facility near Ely, is sited where the Kawishiwi River enters Birch Lake. Offering accommodations ranging from log cabins to to villa suites, the resort will also custom design a perfect BWCAW (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness) trip."

Minnesota Bride, Spring/Summer

"Located on a point where Birch Lake meets the South Kawishiwi idea setting for a wedding ceremony... and you can line up a daytime canoe excursion for the whole wedding party!"

Midwest Living Magazine


Cottage resorts...good times priced right for families

"We visited areas known for cottage resorts to find the best [...River Point Resort in Ely]. Relaxing on the beach, fishing or just spending time together -- this is the vacation you've been dreaming about. It's a quiet vacation that leaves you renewed, the sort of getaway that's appealed to Midwesterners for generations."

Germany's Lufthansa Magazine


"For spur-of-the-moment [canoe] trips...try the River Point Resort & Outfitting Co. The resort is located on Birch Lake not far from Ely. The lake is not actually part of the national park (BWCA), but as it is directly linked to it, it is a good place to set out on day trips."

Midwest Living

Northern Havens

"...more remote retreats, including River Point Resort, all you see is woods and water."

Minnesota Bride

River Point is just 8 miles from Ely, where there are plenty of outside wedding vendors...Many decks and abundance of outdoor space -- River Point can handle up to 70 people for the reception or a groom's dinner barbeque."

"...a gorgeous hand-hewn pavilion in the middle of the forest makes for an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony."

Boundary Waters Journal Magazine


"Superior Resort Vacations. Behind me, up on the spacious deck of River Point Resort's Wildwood Lodge, guests were coming to collect their children after the morning's craft class. Children ranging in age from four to twelve years old proudly showed their parents the Native American dream catchers they had made..."

"Location, location, location...River Point is located on Birch lake at the bend where the South Kawishiwi River enters the lake...with direct exposure to the south and west...'a warm site,' " a 1985 U.S. Forest Service archaeological dig report states.

Much of 6000 acre Birch Lake is within the Superior National Forest, and the Kawishiwi River flows into the BWCAW...With easy access to fishing on the lake and a water highway into the wilderness, River Point seems a practical location for a resort..."

"River Point Resort: A Superior Resort Vacation. I was awe struck by the workmanship of the decks, stairs, and railings along the blacktop walkways. Every corner is expertly mitered.  Inside the cabin (Bayport) ample space for dining or gathering to hang out. Lots of windows, and a fireplace all combine to create an attractive, inviting, home-in-the-woods atmosphere."

Minnesota Sportsman

"Northern Minnesota's Top Pike Lakes"...

Birch Lake: "...a serpentine body of water where the Kawishiwi and Birch Rivers meet. Trolling crankbaits and spinnerbaits, tossing the same lures to the weedbeds and fishing weedless spoons are all effective on the lake."

Minneapolis Star and Tribune
Birch Lake listed as one of the top two walleye lakes in the state.

Birch Lake, led the list of Minnesota's "Deadly Dozen" walleye lakes. The annual listing of the the twelve top walleye lakes in the state is largely based on the DNR's fish population surveys, done mostly through test netting. Joe Geis, manager of the MN Dept. of Natural Resources' Ely fisheries division, said he recommended Birch Lake for the list, which is put together annually by Star Tribune outdoors editor Ron Schara.

Midwest Living Magazine

River Point Resort:
One of the premier lodges in the "Editor's Choice Getaway" selected from twelve midwest states by top staff travel writers.

"...On a wooded point, where the wild Kawishiwi River meets Birch Lake(about 120 miles north of Duluth), River Point's only neighbors are evergreens along the long shoreline, which borders the Boundary Waters Canoe Area."

Midwest Living Magazine

Easy-Does-It Family Adventures

"Near Ely, River Point Resort also hosts Boundary Waters outings. A 3-day guided trip starts at $1,015 for a family of four, including gear and food, unguided trips with gear and food from $565."

(Click here for current prices)

Midwest Living Magazine

River Point Resort:  First prize winner "Weekends in Paradise" writing contest.

Arthur Milholland, Kenosha, WI writes, "To a man, this was the most relaxing few days that we had spent in a long, long time. The facilities were superb. The owners and staff made us feel like family. The Birch Lake and Kawishiwi River area is one of the most beautiful in the north country. All of us (the Kiwanis Piscatorial Six) will remember those days for the rest of our lives."

The Ely Echo
Ely Resort "wunderbar" for German Family

"...Heinz and Judith Bahr from Lautertal, Germany poured over the literature from hundreds of resorts, looking for spots that weren't focused on fishing, yet also offered it. They wanted a place where they would be away from the roar of carsdriving by and close to clean lakes. Ely was the spot and River Point Resort was the place."

Chicago Tribune
Taming the Wilderness--8 adults and 3 kids find happiness in a cabin on a lake

"River Point satisfied our taste for the Great Outdoors with the opportunity to sight deer, moose, eagles, owls, and loons in the vicinity. It also satisfied our criteria for a Great Indoors by equipping its cabins with microwave ovens, dishwashers, toasters, coffeemakers, bathrooms with a tub and shower, screened-in porches, ceiling fans and a laundromat just a short hop through the woods. The resort was just what we wanted. Our spotless, rustic-looking cabin was surrounded by towering birch trees and secluded at the foremost tip of a point overlooking the water. The water was warm, with just enough of a current to make it fun to paddle out a few hundred yards in a kayak with a good book and float back in."

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“Best of the Midwest”
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